(d)aria (o)f (c)hange has lived in los angeles, california (what's up #818?) since she was 2 years old. even though she was born in Poland and speaks Polish fluently, she's a California Girl through and through, lucky enough to grow up in the Valley in the 90's when fashion was dope, the music was even doper and the beach was just a half hour away.


prior to 2017, she worked for Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno and Jeff Skoll in high-powered, corporate roles as a digital content creator, strategist and marketer until she decided to completely change her life. cashing in everything she had made and earned her whole life, she became a philosopher and artist for 2 years, living from a place of being of service to humanity, herself and the arts. that's when the music came.

a classically trained pianist since the age of 8, she always had music in her life. but she never composed her own music (or even tried) until then, when it came flooding out of her song after song, leaving her in a daze. 


sometimes she raps. sometimes she sings. sometimes she plays guitar or piano or flute. sometimes she makes EDM instrumentals. daily she makes art and memes of her philosophical mantras with the intention of spreading positivity and critical thinking outwards. always she chooses love over hate. 

always her music comes from a place of gratitude and authenticity parsed through a filter of her #thinkforyourself, macro-level philosophy.


(d)aria's 2nd song ever, 'Life for Weekends,' was recorded using a megaphone while snapping her fingers and recording in GarageBand. she's since evolved her process to more traditional methods, but still does everything herself, including making her beats (which have gotten better than finger-snaps).


(d)aria had been in her weird, joyful, loner creative bubble until she hit the public music scene in late 2018, releasing her works as an independent artist with United Masters for the first time ever. thanks to an amazing local promoter, Young Baca Productions, who encouraged her authenticity and genre-defying styles, her first live shows occurred in June, 2018. there's no stopping her. in fact, she wrote a song about that sentiment here.